Malcolm Hunt Associates  Specialists in Environmental and Building Acoustics.

Since our inception in 1992 we have provided quality independent acoustic advice to a wide range of clients across New Zealand. 

Malcolm Hunt Associates

Since 2019 Malcolm Hunt Associates has undergone change resulting in a retraction of services offered. 

Due to practise changes in 2020, generally we are not taking on new projects apart from selected contracts with local & central government agencies and some existing clients.

Examples of Noise Assessment Projects Previously Undertaken by Malcolm Hunt Associates:

  • Adventure parks and recreational activities
  • Airports, aerodromes and heliports
  • Earthworks, clean fills and landfills
  • Energy sector, including power station noise 
  • Industrial and commercial facilities
  • Marine activities, seaports and watercraft
  • Mining and quarry facilities
  • Motor sports
  • Pumping stations, reservoirs, water and wastewater facilities
  • Rail and rail vehicles
  • Transport hubs and facilities